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How would Disney Princesses spend their time during quarantine?

All of this at-home time has me daydreaming (more than I usually do – possibly concerning, I know) about Disney princesses, what makes them tick and how they might respond in certain real-life situations.  

So, naturally I wondered: if Disney princesses had the benefit of staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, how might they spend their time?

Belle might read, eat, explore and dance…

Our favorite castle-exploring princess and her possible antics did not take a whole lot of imagination to dream up. 

Belle, like many of us, might spend her days reading about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise… and goodness knows how many other topics she would stumble upon in that giant library of hers. She may also further explore the castle gardens with Prince Adam and enjoy many a great feast with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip and all the gang. 

Belle and Beast reading

Let us also hope that the magnificent ballroom would not go to waste. The dishes and cutlery might consider diversifying their dance floor – from strutting across the dining table and leaping off chandeliers to gliding across the ballroom floor. (I know the spell has been broken, but let us hope the dishes maintained their killer dance moves.) Nightly dance parties would (should) be encouraged.

Lumiere and Mrs. Potts would be kept hard at work generating new musical numbers. As much as Belle loved “Be Our Guest”, she is no longer a guest, and “Be Our Stay-at-Home Princess” does not have quite the same ring to it.

Aurora might assist her parents and aunts, escape to the cottage in the glen, and work on some important renovations…

After assisting her parents and father-in-law in any royal duties withstanding isolation, Aurora might indulge Flora in new dress ideas and Fauna in elaborate cake designs. Her Aunts say that there is never enough time to prepare for the next royal celebration, so they should use this time to get a head start.

Aurora and Phillip might busy themselves reviewing castle renovations. Hidden tower pathways (particularly those tucked behind fireplaces) proved problematic in the past, so Merryweather may insist on a full scale ‘clean up.’ This time, instead of summoning bucket, mop, broom, the blue fairy might call upon secret-entry experts and gothic interior designers. Keeping the castle consistent in theme would not tip-off any evil fairies to their sneaky improvements. 

Should Aurora find time for herself, she may escape to the cottage in the glen. She might even saddle up Samson for the journey (he would do it for an extra bucket of oats and a few carrots). Picking berries – or rather, singsong strolling with her forest friends – remains one of Aurora’s favorite pastimes.

Snow White might enjoy baking and cleaning (on her own terms)…

After winning Grumpy over with his very own gooseberry pie (well, the pie was shared but Grumpy’s name was on it), Snow White may decide to bake pies for the other dwarfs. After all, there are plenty of delicious pie flavors to go around, including apple pie (nonpoisonous apples only), cherry pie, blackberry pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie. Snow’s little blue bird assistant will be so well-practiced with pastry writing after seven pies that he might even enter a local pie-writing competition. And win.

I imagine Snow White might insist that any castle servants and staff take time off to care for their families, so Snow will resume many of her old cleaning duties. She will whistle while she works, in the company of all her woodland friends, grateful that no social distancing is required among them. Many hands – claws, paws and whatever other animal appendages – make light work, so Snow will feel even more productive and less alone in her chores like she once did in the Evil Queen’s castle.

The dwarfs may continue mining since it is only the seven of them who occupy the dig dig dig a-dig dig space and they all live together. Before and after heigh-hoing their way to and from work each day, they will be sure wash up under Doc’s clear instruction. It will continue to be a battle to get Grumpy in the tub every time. 

Ariel might spend time with family, work on castle culinary improvements and dive into some research…

Ariel may spend a lot of her time on the beach chatting to King Triton, Flounder and her sisters about the current state of affairs on land compared to under the sea. Being outside by the ocean helps her blow off steam (the human world, it’s a mess). Scuttle might join in too, though Ariel may not give much credence to what he has to say about his latest discoveries. He has led her wrong on gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whosits and whatsits galore, too many times before.

When back at the castle, Ariel might entertain Sebastian’s latest culinary suggestions for seafood-free dishes. Chef Louis is a harder sell, but if Sebastian can win over Ariel, that is half the battle won. 

Eric, Max and Grimsby may spend a lot of time sailing (despite Grimsby’s persistent seasickness), while Ariel might prefer to stay comfy in her favorite pink nightgown and spend hours virtually exploring many of the museums that offer free admission during the lockdown. She could continue her research of the untold treasures she held in her underwater cavern. Some of the pieces she had collected were quite famous. She really must get Georges de la Tour’s The Penitent Magdalene to a museum (though she did miraculously manage to keep it beautifully preserved under water. Perhaps she will keep it instead. Royal privileges and all that).

I could go on and on, but would instead love to hear what ideas you come up with for our beloved princesses. 

How do you think your favorite princess might spend her time during quarantine? Share in the comments below or on social media and be sure to tag us @thedisneyblog!