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Disney Springs and Citywalk show signs of reopening later this month

While Central Florida restaurants and retail were allowed to open under reduced capacity and physical distancing restrictions as of yesterday, there is still no official word on when Disney Springs might open.

That said, there were some signs of life around the shopping and dining district yesterday. Some delivery trucks were seen pulling up to backstage areas and the Grapefruit Garage, closed since mid-March, has reopened to cast member parking.

Down the street, Citywalk at Universal Orlando Resort could see at least a partial reopening as early as May 11. According to a report on Attractions Magazine, workers at the Starbucks there and Margarittaville have been told those locations are preparing to open then.

We’ve seen similar chatter on Twitter about employees being told that their locations at Disney Springs were preparing to reopen. But other workers are saying they haven’t heard anything from their locations.

That makes sense as different locations will find it easier than others to adapt to the physical distancing guidelines and implement health and safety measures. We don’t expect all the locations to open at once.

As of today Walt Disney World has been closed to guests for 50 days and the official word is that it is closed for an unknown period of time. That said, if Disney and its operating participants think they can open Disney Springs safely, we look forward to going and supporting some of our favorite locations, even if it’s just for takeout.

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3 thoughts on “Disney Springs and Citywalk show signs of reopening later this month”

  1. I would go to Disney Springs just for someplace to walk around and practice socially distancing. I have no problem having to wear a mask and you know Disney will have them for sale too. Can you say Magicband Facemask combos.

  2. I would love to see Disney reopen in June. I see a plan where… as unpopular as it may be to some… a phased reopen. June 1st the parks would open guests staying in park only. Excluded dvc members and day guests. This would give them the lower capacity and maximize their profits. Dvc and day guests aren’t nearly as profitable as resort guest who are captive audiences. All rides would operate on a virtual cue to allow only a certain number of guest spaced out in line. Restaurants would be the same way. Put your name in and told when you come back. Dvc members can be given an extra year or perhaps free park tickets to compensate for the inconvenience. Annual pass holders can be refunded or given reduced cost passes for future years. This would give Disney the ability to know how many guest will be on hand and the appropriate number of cast members to have on duty. After August the parks could be open to dvc members if things continue ok. Perhaps by September if the virus is in check day guests could be added until the appropriate time things can get to what ever normal will be from then on.

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