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Disney working on Live-Action ‘Hercules’ movie

Disney is reportedly partnering with the Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, to develop a live action version of its 1997 animated feature “Hercules.” “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” screenwriter David Callahan has been asked to produce a script.

“Hercules” may not rank up there in terms of box office grosses, but it’s a fan favorite for its artistic style and songs from composer Alan Menken and lyricist David Zippel. It even produced a chart topping single with “Go the Distance” covered by Michael Bolton.

The movie tells the tale of child of Zeus and Hera who loses his immortality as an infant and is orphaned with a mortal family. In the movie he learns to become a hero and regain his godly powers. The movie also features one of Disney’s first anti-hero empowered heroines in Meg and a classic villain in Hades.

It featured the voice talents of Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito, James Woods, Susan Egan, and Rip Torn. Hand drawn animation included Andreas Deja as the lead animator on Hercules, Eric Goldberg creating the grumpy Phil, and Nik Ranieri animating Hades. The art direction took inspiration from Greek architecture and vases.

The movie was recently re-envisioned as a stage musical in New York’s Public Theater and was rumored to be moving to a full Broadway production before the uncertainty of this public health emergency.

Are you ready to go the distance and see a live action version of Disney’s “Hercules”?

3 thoughts on “Disney working on Live-Action ‘Hercules’ movie”

  1. Yes! But I definitely want to see Chris Hemsworth as Hercules and Tom Hiddleston as Hades ;-)

  2. My eyes roll at the prospect of *yet another* “live-action” adaptation of a Disney animated film.

    I *might* be persuaded to go see this IF they can get James Woods to reprise his role as Hades, even if they have to cover him in green-screen for the inevitable CGI. No Woods? No sale.

    1. James Woods is a hardcore Trumper (even worse than Tim Allen). I don’t see that happening.

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