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Disney and ABC announce a second volume of ‘the Disney Family Singalong’

The first “The Disney Family Singalong” was a major hit for ABC drawing 10.4 million viewers. This morning they announced a second edition of ‘at home’ production featuring favorite celebrities singing Disney songs is being planned.

The “Disney Family Singalong: Volume II” will again be hosted by Ryan Seacrest and will air on Sunday May 10 at 7pm on Disney’s ABC Television network. That will make for a great evening of fun on Mother’s Day for families.

The announcement was made this morning on Good Morning America:

Expect there to be even more stars in this version. Who do you hope returns from the original show and are there any iconic Disney songs you’d like to hear in volume 2?

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If you want to rewatch the original The Disney Family Singalong it is now available on Disney+.