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Why Ahsoka possibly joining “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” makes perfect sense

The minute news broke that Rosario Dawson has been reportedly cast as a live action Ahsoka Tano for “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” season two, it practically broke the Star Wars internet. 

There was no shortage of various reactions from around the internet. Some did not like that Ashley Eckstein (who voices Ahsoka in animated format) was not given the chance to play the live action version of the character. Some we’re thrilled with the casting decision while others had doubts. Some even instantly did a google search for who Ahsoka even is. 

Whether you personally cried, screamed, yelled or partook in one of the above, it is big news for Star Wars. 

For that crowd who does not know who Ahsoka Tano is, she was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. We first get introduced to her in “The Clone Wars” animated TV series that is currently in its final season streaming exclusively to Disney+. 

When she first got introduced, fans we’re unsure as to what to think of her. She was young and naïve and some even found her to be annoying. However, she is now one of the most beloved Star Wars characters within any format. 

Her character development was incredible as she grew up to be both vastly powerful and independent. Eventually at the end of season five, she leaves the Jedi Order and decides to follow her own path. 

Due to the six-year hiatus of “The Clone Wars,” we do not see Ahsoka again until “Star Wars: Rebels” which was another animated series that takes place during the time period of the original Star Wars trilogy. She links up with the main character “Ezra Bridger” and even goes toe to toe with her old Master himself “Darth Vader.” She becomes an important character within this series and continues her legend of being a fan favorite character. 

She was created by none other than Dave Filoni who helmed “The Clone Wars” alongside George Lucas and also was the mastermind behind “Star Wars: Rebels.” However, he is now most famous for being the co-creator of “The Mandalorian” alongside Jon Favreau. 

If you have not put these puzzle pieces together, this is all making perfect sense. Dave Filoni has stated on the record that he is interested in bringing in some of his animated characters into “The Mandalorian” but did not want to spoil anything for anybody. 

In terms of the character, her creator and interviews, her joining this show makes sense. The only thing left after that is whether it makes sense for the story as well as timing. The last time we see Ahsoka Tano is at the very end of Star Wars: Rebels. She is headed off on a mission with Sabine Wren to find Ezra Bridger. This mission takes place after the events of Episode six and the battle of Endor. She is roughly within her 40’s at this time period which correlates with Rosario Dawson’s age as well. “The Mandalorian” takes place roughly 6-7 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. So, the timing now works perfectly as well. 

So, all that is left is bringing her into the story in an organic way. I will leave that part to Favreau and Filoni but here is what we do know. At the end of season one, The Mandalorian accepts the fact that he must bring “The child” (or baby yoda to all of you) to a proper home. He must either find its home or bring it to Jedi in hopes that they can protect him. What better person to give him off to then Ahsoka herself? 

It all just makes too much sense and Filoni loves connecting this universe together in a way that makes sense. We will not know for certain what will happen until Lucasfilm announces something themselves or until season 2 comes out. Regardless, the puzzle pieces certainly fit in this scenario and we all can do nothing but hope for another great season of “The Mandalorian” this upcoming fall.