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Virtual Tour of Walt Disney Imagineering offices continues

Walt Disney Imageneering Logo

Walt Disney Imagineering is set at the creative core of the Disney theme park and resort division. It represents the The Walt Disney Company’s history, present, and future.

During this time of uncertainty, when we still don’t know when we’ll be able to get back to the theme parks, it is nice of Disney to open the doors of the place where all the ideas that make into the theme parks have their start, even if it’s virtually. 

Today we have two new videos to share from the ongoing virtual tour of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Up first is the Sculpture Studio. This hidden gem is one of the locations that epitomizes the heritage of Walt Disney Imagineering. 

Disney Legend Blaine Gibson not only created much of the iconic figures and bronzes around the parks, he was the supervisor of the sculpture department. Today, the Sculpture Studio continues to house Blaine’s masterpieces, as well as Imagineering’s recent sculptures. 

Jonathan Friday is our tour guide for this room!

Just thinking about all the amazing sculpture that’s been made in that studio over the years has us wishing we were back in the parks right now to see the final product in person. We need a much more in depth tour, we think. 

The second video is a trip to the DISH, also known as the Digital Immersive Showroom. 

You’ve heard about how movies use previsualization, well Imagineering helped innovate that field including the building of models for filming with miniature cameras to get a better feel for how people will move through an attraction. These days the technology of computer animation gives another dimension to previz tools.

The DISH is a tool that Imagineers use to previsualize Disney experiences in a digital setting. This is helpful, among other reasons, to enhance and adjust experiences before they begin construction.

Garrett Clark is host for a virtual trip from Disneyland to Walt Disney World without even leaving the room.

Yes. That looks looks like the Holodeck from Star Trek shows and movies. 

Did you miss the first stop on the Imagineering tour? Be sure to check in at the lobby here for the start of the tour!