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Fun sidewalk chalk drawings to brighten up the day – Disney at Home

These days of physical distancing and isolation at home can be tough on a kid. They may not understand why they have to stay at home and can’t see their friends at school. But a little Disney at Home magic can make a big difference and brighten up a life. 

Take for instance, the generous gift of chalk art on the sidewalk of our friend’s home. Their friend Nicole (whom you may know as disney_foodie_girl on Instagram) surprised their daughter Ella with two fun chalk drawings.

We love the Princess Carriage, which is basically just three circles filled in with a few elements. You can sit in the middle and pretend you’re a Disney prince or princess on your way to the ball. 

The Sleeping Beauty Castle art, complete with Partners Statue takes a bit more talent, but we know you’re up for it. 

According to our friend, their daughter loved the surprise and said it made her day. 

If you have some chalk at home, we’d love to see what Disney themed sidewalk art you can create. We will look for it over on our Facebook page.