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Disney delays release of Mulan as Coronavirus impact grows

With Coronavirus causing postponements and closures across the entertainment industry, it is not unexpected that Disney would be delaying a few of its movies scheduled for release this month. As part of the response, the live-action adaption of “Mulan” has pushed back its theatrical opening.

Disney’s “Mulan” was original set to open March 27. While it already had its Hollywood Premiere, screenings for movie reviewers have also been postponed.

A statement from Disney says they are doing this out of an abundance of caution. Postponing the release will also give the film a chance to find the audience it deserves.

Thousands of theaters across China and the world are already closed due to efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, so it’s not like anyone would have been able to see it anyway.

“Making this film has been one of the most satisfying and exhilarating experiences of my entire career, and I’ve been so fortunate to be on this journey with some of the best cast and crew in the business – people who truly embody the attributes of Loyal, Brave, and True,” said Director Niki Caro in an online statement. “We are so excited to share this film with the world, but given the current ever-shifting circumstances we are all experiencing, unfortunately, we have to postpone the worldwide release of Mulan for now.”

Niki Caro shared her thoughts about Mulan’s delay on her personal Instagram account. She also addressed her concern for those who have been affected by COVID-19.

“Our hearts are with everyone the world over who is affected by this virus, and we hope that Mulan’s fighting spirit will continue to inspire those who are working so hard to keep us all safe. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and support, and I can’t wait for the day where we will all get to experience this tale of a girl warrior who became a legend together.”

Disney’s “Mulan” promises to be an epic adventure story that stays true to the heart of Disney’s original animated film, while also expanding the story by going back to the original source material.

Concerns over COVID-19 continue to grow and we expect to hear of more cancellations and postponements in the coming hours and days.

As for when “Mulan” might slot into Disney’s theatrical release schedule? The Walt Disney Studios spokesperson says they’re looking to find some date in 2020 that works.

There has been some talk about it movie to Disney+, but with a budget of over $200 million, I don’t expect that to happen. Disney can wait until the Coronavirus threat is gone and people are looking for some wholesome entertainment and a night out.

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