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Interview: Disney fan creates song for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings featured on Disney+

Season 2 of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings dropped its first episode on Disney+ fittingly on Valentine’s Day. It featured two special couples each having their own special moment. One of those couples had their wedding day made even more heartfelt when a song composed and performed by their friend was played as the wedding processional.

Alisson Cheesman and Ciara Ruth met as part of the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. When Ciara learned her Disneyland Hotel wedding ceremony would be featured on the second season of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, she asked her friend not just to be a bridesmaid but to compose and perform an original song for the wedding.

“I have been a Disney kid since my first visit at age 18 months,” said Alisson Diane Cheesman, who goes by Ali Diane when performing. “My family and I visited Disneyland every year when I was younger, and every other year once I was in high school and college. Disney was a big influence in my life. I went straight to the Disney College Program in Orlando as soon as I completed my degree. It was the time of my life. Aside from living the Disney life for 10 months, I made many good friends in the program that I still keep in touch with today. One of these friends is Ciara Ruth.”

Ciara and her husband D’Quan were selected for the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding show and the rest is history.

“I was able to spend a couple of sessions with the Production crew performing post-production recordings and it was one of the most wonderful and surreal experiences of my life,” said Diane. “Being at the Disneyland Hotel, surrounded by all of the Magic, and being a part of Ciara’s special day was amazing. It was a surreal experience. Everything Disney does is first class, and this was no exception. We were treated like royalty. Watching her walk down the aisle while I performed my song that I wrote for her and D’Quan was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Like many aspiring musicians, Ali Diane began recording covers for YouTube and Soundcloud while improving her own songwriting. Her first original was released in early 2018, and she now stays busy with live shows, songwriting, and working as much as possible in with her producer, Mr. Jake Crocker.

“My number one goal is to make a career as a singer/songwriter and to use my music to inspire others who have struggles in their everyday life,” Diane told us. “All of my songs are about my personal experiences, struggles and emotions. I would also be happy working for Disney in a group like Voices of Liberty or one of the musicals. Either way it would be an unbelievable life.”

You can find more music composed and performed by Ali Diane on her Soundcloud. Ali’s song “Magic,” used during the wedding ceremony, is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music for your listening pleasure. Preview the song here.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings season two can be found on Disney+ with the first episode now available to enjoy. Watch the official trailer for the show here:

Episode photo by Jenna Henderson for Disney+

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  1. Just so very upset that because I can’t afford Disney+ I can’t see these shows anymore like Imdid when they were in Freeform. This world is becoming a wider difference between the haves and have nots. Every day is a struggle on a small income…paying off 6 1/2 years of cancer bills and now his funeral….facing another day becomes sadder.

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