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Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction now visible in Toy Story Land

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is adding a much-needed sit-down air conditioned restaurant to Toy Story Land. Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and the entire Toy Story gang will also provide some very unique decorations inside the restaurant. When we stopped by this week, Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction has entered a new phase and is now visible from within the popular Pixar themed land.

This video takes a look at the changes and how it differs from the initial concept art for Toy Story Land.

The original concept art for Toy Story Land showed a western playset that would provide the facade for the restaurant. Roundup Rodeo BBQ will do away with that for something a lot simpler.

The rootin’, tootin’ rodeo will show up in Andy’s backyard in time for a 2020 opening.