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Backstage fire at Disneyland captured on video

Video is coming in from Disneyland in Anaheim California that appears to show a fire in a backstage area of the park. The video taken from Town Square looking back behind the Main Street Emporium to the Jungle Cruise area. This is an area where various equipment is stored, potentially including fuel tanks for the Jungle Cruise boats, and contains some of the original eucalyptus trees that were transplanted to create a wind barrier during park construction back in 1954.

Twitter user @isabel_roseee posted two videos to the service, which she gave us permission to share here:

Guests were being evacuated from this area of the park and Adventureland and some power outages were reported in the same areas according to other reports on social media. We haven’t heard any reports of injuries and hope everyone is a safe and the damage minimal. Latest reports indicate the fire was successfully extinguished.

Fire close to the Main Street Fire Station counts as irony, right?

Update: 2/7 — Adventureland remains closed today as fire took out an electrical transformer that provided power to much of the land.

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