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“Frozen 2” life-size LEGO brick sculptures at Disney Springs

The LEGO Store at Disney Springs has captured a bit of Frozen magic with three life-sized LEGO brick sculptures representing Anna, Elsa, and Olaf the snowman from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2.” When we stopped by the sculptures were very popular with families stopping to pose with the Arendelle rulers and Olaf.

Anna and Elsa are each sporting new “Frozen 2” costumes. Elsa is posed with her arms spread out and her face tilted up as if soaking up the sun’s rays. She has a serene expression on her face. Anna is looks a bit more adventurous in her black dress with beautiful cape. All three statues feature autumn leaves around their feet as a nod to the story in the sequel.

I’ve worked with LEGO sculptures in the past and can attest just how difficult it is to create decent full-sized sculptures with LEGO bricks. But which ever team put these together have done a magical job. The two sisters look like they walked off the big screen right into the store.

It’s not just how accurate the build is, right down to the costume detail, but its the way the LEGO artists captured the sisters’ unique emotions in the poses and faces. Stunning really.

These sculptures arrived at the store back in December, so we don’t know how long they’ll stay. They’re definitely worth making a trip to the LEGO store on your next visit to Disney Springs