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TRON Lightcycle/Run — status: still loading

View of TRON: Lightcycle/run from the Peoplemover

Hold on there programs. The work on the TRON Lightcycle/Run roller coaster coming to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is still uploading to the server. Since I was last at the Magic Kingdom to check in on the progress of TRON: LightCycle/Run, there has been quite a bit of progress.

Not only have they started to enclose the main show building for the coaster, they’ve also begun to lay the pillars and pathway that will connect the attraction via a bridge over the railroad tracks. This step is crucial because the Walt Disney World Railroad won’t reopen until most of that work is done. That means it will be another year, if not more before trains are running at the Magic Kingdom again.

The other thing to note is how much the building looms over the Magic Kingdom. When you’re right up next to it, like at Barnstormer in Storybook Circus, its presence is very obvious. You can see the showbuilding from as far away as Fantasyland. Add the screams of guests riding through the outer-loop and the entire atmosphere at that end of the park will take on a different energy.

Finally, they’ve also moved a pair of seats from the roller coaster train into Tomorrowland near Space Mountain. Guests were lining up for a photo op and a preview of how riding the unique Lightcycle style car will feel like.

One benefit of the TRON construction closing down the Walt Disney World Railroad is that you can visit the Roy O. Disney engine up close at the Main Street station. Two of the other engines are off-site getting some major refurbishment work done, so that when the railroad does re-open it will be in great condition.

Are you looking forward to riding TRON Lightcycle/Run?