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National Treasure 3 reportedly back on track at Disney

National Treasure

Everything old is new again in Hollywood. Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are reportedly working on a third National Treasure movie. Chris Bremner has been brought on as a screenwriter to queue up the hunt for more box office treasure.

Bremner recently helped relaunch the Bruckheimer produced Bad Boys Franchise with “Bad Boys For Life” (in theaters now) and is working on Bad Boys 4.

The first National Treasure came out in 2004 and the sequel “Book of Secrets” was released in 2007. So it’s been a while since we’ve seen Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Gates off on a treasure hunt.

Most of the major players in the franchise, including Cage, had expressed interest in a third film if a good story could be found. The problem was finding a good story as National Treasure 3 has already gone through a few delays as previous screenplays failed to wow producers.

In the first movie they stole the Declaration of Independence to help provide a link to a vasts treasure hidden by our nation’s founders. The second movie was more of a traditional mystery when Gates discovers John Wilkes Booth’s diary implicated his family in the murder of President Abraham Lincoln and sets out to clear the family name.

What American history mystery do you think they’ll try and solve this time?