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Book Review: BRB I’m Going to Disneyland

Do you have a tween in your life who is a little apprehensive about reading? Do they get overwhelmed when you gift them an item that has pages and pages of text, also known as a “book”?

Well, BRB I’m Going to Disneyland just might change all that. A novel told entirely in texts, emails, emojis and social media posts is perfect for reluctant readers.

Abby has lived in California for a year, and her closest friend there, Mia, already has a best friend who is not a fan of adding a third wheel to their duo. Abby also has a crush on Jordan, Mia’s brother’s friend, but she is not sure how to make the most of her time with him while on their annual 8th grade trip to Disneyland.

An epic day filled with excitement, miscommunications and – of course – churros, Abby, Mia and their group of friends are in for a jam-packed, fun-filled adventure at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Game-changing author Courtney Carbone is the author of over 50 children’s books, including young adult titles SRSLY HAMLET; MACBETH #KILLINGIT; DARCY SWIPES LEFT; and GREEK GODS #SQUADGOALS, retellings of classic stories told through texts, emails, emojis and social media. Kids these days are in for a real treat!

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