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Book Review: The Art of Frozen II Will Wow You

“In motion we are able to depict something we couldn’t illustrate.” While this statement by Frozen II co-production designer Lisa Keene is true, don’t underestimate what Walt Disney Animation Studios can illustrate… and computer generate… and dream up.

Wanna see Frozen II beyond the film? Check out this book.

The Art of Frozen II fantastically introduces the public to the illustration, artistic determination and pure heart behind the now-highest grossing animated film of all time. It offers pertinent explanations of animation, technical animation, design and the level of research involved in a project of this scale. A read like this is a feast for the eyes and an inspiration explosion for the mind. 

Frozen 2 Concept art
Frozen 2 concept art

The book takes the reader from the rich autumn palette of Arendelle to Elsa’s ‘mythic milieu’ as eloquently described by production designer Michael Giaimo. Chris Buck, the director of both Frozen and Frozen II, recognized autumn as “the maturing of the year”; with this idea playing out in the Arendellian architecture, surrounds and clothing. Ethereal Elsa and the Scandinavian-inspired landscapes are transcendent, commanding and beautiful. Every detail is mastered and meaningful – even the trees, shrubs and rocks! 

The Art of Frozen II was my first Disney ‘art of’ reading experience. Author Jessica Julius, the vice president of creative development at Walt Disney Animation Studios, has also published The Art of Moana, The Art of Zootopia and The Art of Big Hero 6 among multiple other picture books. Sure enough, I have been missing out. (Although, I have now clearly gained an impressive new reading list!)

One of my favorite lessons learned while traversing The Art of Frozen II was that the design team was inspired by legendary artists Eyvind Earle (Sleeping Beauty) and Mary Blair (Alice in Wonderland). There is something so special about today’s artists drawing (literally) inspiration from the classics for new films that become award winners, game changers and crowd pleasers in their own right. 

Directors Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and producer Peter Del Vecho stated: “As the film began to take shape, it became its own entity, and we became less nervous about whether it would be as good as [Frozen]; we just got excited about what it is.” Our sentiments align and we are similarly excited about what this book is – a thrilling glimpse into the unknown.

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