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Walt Disney World Vacation 101

Even though there were 52 million visitors to Walt Disney World in 2018 and millions of visitors every year going back to 1972, believe it or not there are still those who have never had a vacation at “The most magical Place on Earth.” For those people, we wanted to offer a basic introduction to what a vacation at Walt Disney World entails.

To get started, we asked one of Walt Disney World’s marketing experts to walk us through what to expect on your vacation

That’s a good introduction, but it doesn’t really get you pointed in the right direction if you actually want to book a trip.

In our experience there are five things you need to have considered even before you start your planning:

  1. What is your vacation budget.
  2. About how many nights you plan to be on vacation
  3. If you want to stay on property and take advantage of all the amenities described in the video above.
  4. Approximately what dates you want to travel.
  5. Who will be traveling in your party.

Even if you don’t have answers to all those questions, you can get started with some basic planning. You might find working with an authorised Disney travel planner helpful to find out what your options are.

Many guests do choose to do their own booking for Disney travel, but there are also many experienced Walt Disney World vacationers who swear by using an authorized Disney travel planner as their booking agent. Not only does it save them time, it can also save them money as authorized Disney travel specialists are always on alert to see if there is a price reduction, discount, or special program you may be eligible for.

We just so happen to have an Authorized Disney Travel Planner in The Disney Blog family. In fact, she’s my wife. A couple years ago, we decided to turn our expertise on the Disney theme parks, cruise ships, and all-inclusive travel vacation destinations into a way to help support The Disney Blog. So when you use Vacations by Pixie Frost, you’re actually supporting this very site. We never charge you a fee for this complimentary service and only make a commission once your travel is completed. It costs you nothing to book your travel to Disney or other vacation destinations through my wife Stacey.

If you’re not going to book through an authorized Disney travel planner, we recommend picking up one of the excellent travel planning books. The best and most complete is the Unofficial Guide – Walt Disney World 2020 by Len Testa. The book employees as platoon of researches and professional writers to make sure they have the best, most accurate information of any of the Disney travel guides.

That’s really all you need to know to start your own magical journey to Walt Disney World.

stacey-frost-headshotIf you would like more information on booking a Walt Disney World vacation, please send an email to Pixie Vacations authorized Disney travel agent Stacey Frost ([email protected]), call (407) 454-1477 or fill out this form for complimentary travel planning. Your use of this free service to book your travel will help support The Disney Blog. Thank you.