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Three Bridges Bar & Grill food highlights

The Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Disney’s Coronado Springs opened as part of the expansion of the resort that added more business friendly restaurants and spaces. It also added a set of three boardwalks that cross the Lago Dorado and give this bar & grill location its name.

We stopped by during the grand opening event for the new Gran Destino tower and met with Chef Anthony and the Proprietor Athena to learn about the food and drink options. Athena was even nice enough to make us our own custom Sangria, one of three house sangrias they are featuring.

Set inside the Villa Del Lago and featuring open-air covered seating in a lounge like setting and a central bar all surrounded by water, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to relax with friends or network with business colleagues. There are two sides to the restaurant, the Art Garden Court features a view of kinetic wind sculptures (fascinating to watch, btw) while the Palm Court has a fire pit and a better view of the water and the new Gran Destino tower, which lights up at night.

The location has full menu of delicious menu items in what Disney calls Spanish-American cuisine. From sharables to sandwiches and entrees, there’s also kid versions of many of the dishes. We couldn’t try many, but did enjoy the vegan version of their curry-lentil hummus.

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As for drinks from the bar, Three Bridges features the afore mentioned sangrias and a long list of custom cocktails. There’s also a good selection of wine from Spain and California. If beer or hard cider is your thing, they have you covered there too.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill has a location that, due to its placement in the middle of the lake, makes it a great place to stop by on your way back to your room. It opens at 4:30pm and is open until Midnight. Expect to spend $15 to $35 a person plus drinks.