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Disneyland Celebrates Pixar’s ‘Coco’ in Día de los Muertos festival

Now through November 3rd, guests at the Disneyland Resort can find new live entertainment, delicious food, and interactive experiences celebrating Pixar’s “Coco” and the holiday of Día de los Muertos. Disney found inspiration in the tradition and spirit of Día de los Muertos, a time when families celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed while honoring familial bonds.

New to the festival include a photo opportunity with the handcrafted Miguel puppet from “A Musiccal Celebration of Coco” in Disney’s California Adventure. There’s also new Día de los Muertos merchandise and food at both Disneyland and DCA.

At Disney California Adventure

Plaza de la Familia is a limited-time festivity at the Paradise Gardens area of the park. You can join in the celebration of Pixar’s Academy Award-winning film “Coco” and the everlasting bonds of family. You’ll enjoy the festivities that includes live entertainment with storytelling, folklórico dancers and mariachi musicians, delicious Mexican fare, and interactive experiences such as a craft to make colorful masks like the ones seen in the “Coco” film.

“A Musical Celebration of Coco”: A festive show by the entertaining Storytellers of Plaza de la Familia celebrates the popular songs from the film “Coco,” including the Oscar-winning Best Original Song “Remember Me.” As the lead storyteller Mateo recounts Miguel’s fantastical journey into the Land of the Dead, guests are immersed in the story of “Coco.” Miguel appears as a whimsical, hand-animated dimensional figure, joining a musical gathering that brings together a lively troupe of singers and folklórico dancers dressed in beautiful costumes accompanied by the Grammy Award-winning Mariachi Divas.

New this year is the opportunity to take photos and make new memories with Miguel, when he and his performer appear between shows at a beautiful artistic mural entitled, “Recuérdame” (“Remember Me”). Named after the iconic song from the film, “Coco,” the evocative mural depicts the themes touched on by the Storytellers of Plaza de la Familia in “A Musical Celebration of Coco” and celebrates Miguel’s beloved family in Santa Cecilia and the Land of the Dead.

At the Paradise Gardens Bandstand, guests will enjoy an uplifting and moving family celebration featuring beloved Mariachi music and traditional songs that touch the hearts of all. The Mariachi Divas and Mariachi Espectacular are two groups scheduled to appear live on stage throughout Plaza de la Familia.

Fun Activities: Guests are invited to take commemorative photos in front of the iconic Mexican “Árbol de la Vida,” or Tree of Life. Guests will be able to add a remembrance note on the Memory Wall to honor the many loved ones who have been − and will forever be − part of their lives. The Tree of Life overflows with images, colors and symbols. From its branches sprout flowers, animals and multiple characters that may be inspired by different evocative themes.

Additionally, if you are visiting Plaza de la Familia you can design your own paper “alebrije” (spirit guide) mask of Pepita or Dante as part of a craft activity. “Alebrijes” are small figurines of fantastical creatures, which feature a whimsical mix of the physical elements of many different animals. In the film “Coco,” the spirit guides that are prevalent in the Land of the Dead are living representations of these magical animals, and they serve as loyal companions.

Mouthwatering Mexican Food: The Mexican menu at Paradise Garden Grill features delicious offerings such as the traditional tamale plate, pollo verde wet burrito, a scrumptious pan dulce Conchita and special “Coco” cake.

Here’s a TV ad Disneyland is currently running for the event:

More Día de los Muertos in Cars Land
Guests who cruise into Cars Land will find that Ramone, one of the citizens of Cars Land, also pays tribute to Día de los Muertos at Ramone’s House of Body Art. Ramone celebrates this time when families gather to remember their loved ones with a traditional “ofrenda” display honoring the gone, but not forgotten, Doc Hudson.

At Disneyland

Disneyland Park continues to offer its traditional Día de los Muertos display at Zócalo Park in Frontierland. To commemorate the occasion, this immersive setting features marigolds and papel picado, along with a traditional “ofrenda,” sugar skulls known as “cavaleras” and an iconic figure of La Catrina. Nearby Rancho del Zócalo Restaurante offers delicious Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Are you planning a visit to Disneyland and DCA to celebrate Día de los Muertos with your family and friends?