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Simba’s Sunset is the perfect treat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I finally had the opportunity to try a Simba’s Sunset at Tamu Tamu in Harambe Village. It’s a good size portion of the iconic frozen pineapple dessert best known as Dole whip dosed with a red watermelon and coconut syrup.

It’s a very pretty looking drink and it tastes even better.┬áThe watermelon and coconut syrup is sweet and yummy as you would suspect. It makes for a very refreshing frozen beverage.

I like Simba’s Sunset because it’s another vegan option I have for desserts when visiting Walt Disney World.

At $5.89, tax included, which includes a portion larger than what you get over at Aloha Isle at the Magic Kingdom, this is a great deal too. If you want to splurge you can order it with Rum.

Alas, Simba’s Sunset is only available for a limited time. You’ll have to try it before Disney wraps up its celebration of “The Lion King” at summer’s end.