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Savi’s Workshop – A Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge hand built lightsaber experience

There is a lot of storytelling going on inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge beyond just the two big attractions. Black Spire Outpost is populated by citizens of Batuu, a First Order Garrison and members of the Resistance. There’s also a small group of people who task themselves with keeping the Force alive via the craft of handbuilt lightsabers.

Because of the danger they face from the First Order, they operate in secret in Black Spire Outpost behind the front of a scrap metal collecting collective called Savi’s Workshop. However, if you know the secret phrase (“I want to buy some scrap metal”), you can enter the inner sanctum and assemble your own light saber, an elegant weapon used by force wielders like the Jedi and Sith.

We had our own experience building a lightsaber

Savi’s Workshop is an upgrade experience to your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge visit. The cost to buy and assemble your own lightsaber is is $200 plus tax. This places it somewhere between an attraction and a store. But since only the buyer and one other guest from each party are allowed to enter, it feels very intimate and exclusive.

These are not your grandfather’s lightsabers either. Rather than those plastic toys that all share a similar handle and blade, you get to customize your lightsaber from a choice of elements, including a Kyber Crystal that helps determine the feel and color of your lightsaber.

If you’d rather skip the show, you can buy similar looking “Legacy Lightsabers” that reflect the designs of weapons used in the movies. However, those cannot be customized like the Savi’s Workshop can. When you add up the cost of the hilt and the blade of the Legacy lightsaber, the show at Savi’s Workshop and the ability to customize your lightsaber again over time comes at just a slight upgrade. We felt it was really worth it.