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Living with the Land updates with a new digital film

Living with the Land is one Epcot attraction that is always changing. Whether a new crop has been planted or a new growing system is in use, I see something new on almost every trip. This most recent trip, however, featured something unexpected — a whole new film scene.

In the section of the slow moving boat ride that shows how agricultural work has evolved over time, right before you enter the greenhouses, there is a digital film that features some of the latest research Disney has participated in being implemented out in the field.

That section of movie had been getting pretty out of date lately, but it has just been updated with new digital footage. The new digital projection makes the video a lot clearer and brighter.

You’ll also notice a few new scenes including one from withing the Living With The Land greenhouse itself.

We never need a good reason to go on Living with the Land, but if you do, the new footage is reason enough.

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