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Aladdin has strong second weekend while Avengers: Endgame nears mighty box office record

It was another fantastic box office weekend for Disney. With school out in many cities, it was essentially a holiday weekend, aka the first weekend of summer. Disney’s Aladdin fell just 53% over its previous week while Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame drew near a major record.

Although Aladdin fell to second, beneath Godzilla 2, in the weekend box office estimates with $42.3 million domestically, it actually rebounded to win Sunday’s box office beating the giant beast. In the domestic market Aladdin has now grossed $185M

Additionally, Aladdin’s magic carpet helped it scoop up $78.3M at the international box office. This brings its foreign market total to $261 million.

Aladdin’s cave of wonders now holds a global total of $446 million in box office treasure. Not too shabby for for a film Disney fans were worried about.

Speaking of treasure, Marvel Studios’ Avengers:Endgame is still clinging on in the box office. It earned an estimated $7.8 million at the box office domestically. That’s $815.5M in the domestic market. It looks like Star Wars: The Force Awakens domestic record of $936.7M is safe for now.

When you add in the international total of $1.9 billion, that brings Endgame to a gigantic $2.71B. That moves endgame within $75 million of “Avatar’s” all time record.

Alright Marvel and Disney fans, you have your mission. Help push Endgame over the finish line and bump Avatar down to second place on the global all time list.

Next weekend sees Fox’s “Dark Phoenix,” which will be the first major super hero film for Disney in the X-men franchise, and likely signals the last film for this group of super heroes before Marvel gets a chance to reboot it.