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Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew now offering adventure at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Families with little ones looking for a little extra adventure while the adults enjoy a nice dinner or other activity at Walt Disney World have a new option – Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. The new immersive group experience will take young adventurers into the world of pirate feasting, treasure seeking, and pirate boat sailing!

Prospective pirates must be between ages 4-12 (and potty trained). They will join Captain Hook’s crew on a quest for hidden treasure around the resort area. They’ll also solve puzzles and gather clues on land before setting sail on a pontoon boat around Crescent Lake. Captain Hook may even check in to ensure new pirates have what it takes to join his crew!

The feast is set for a young pirate’s palate. While subject to change, the menu features a choice between Cannon Meatballs with Marinara or Macaroni and Gold Sauce—as well as the Treasure Chest Treat or fruit for dessert.

With nightly adventures running from 5pm to 8:30pm, Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew is the perfect playtime for your future pirates. Parents are welcome to drop off their kids as early as 4:30 PM at Seaside Retreat in Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew is priced at $55 (plus tax) per child. For more information or to book a reservation, call 407-824-KIDS.

This sounds like a great option for parents looking to have a little magical Disney time together without their children. The kids will have a blast too.