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Rivers of Light: We Are One will add Disney stories to Animal Kingdom’s water pageant.

The long awaited makeover of Rivers of Light night time show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was just announced. The new show “Rivers of Light: We Are One” will work in Disney stories for the first time including moments from “The Lion King.” The soaring song “We Are One” is a core part of the emotional finale of the show.

The current version of the show has run for two years featuring a pageant of floats featuring illuminated paper lantern-themed animal floats, giant floating Lotus flowers, and huge giant water screens for digital projection. The soaring score and innovative special effects make this a beautiful show, but it never really caught on with audiences like other Disney water shows have (such as World of Color or Fantasmic!).

While I love “Rivers of Light” I seldom took the time to watch it because the prime viewing area is so small. If you’re too far away from the bridge on either side, you miss the grand scope and don’t have a good view of the largest projection screens. I never had a problem with the lack of Disney stories in the show, but I can understand how some guests might expect to see that.

The new show “We Are One” will include new imagery from Disney’s animated classics mixed with the footage from Disneynature films. The show intends to show the connection we all share with animals in our journey through the great circle of life.

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” will have its first performances at Discovery River Amphitheater in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, beginning Memorial Day Weekend 2019.

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  1. I just saw the show for a second time after seeing it soon after it opened. I thought then that it needed more “Disney” added to it. Adding we are one will be great for sure. I’ve sat on the far left side so I didn’t know about the better sight lines.

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