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An appreciation of TRON Legacy’s opening scene

Fans of Disney’s TRON franchise are excited about the new TRON coaster that’s coming to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and expected to open in 2021. It is expected to be a near clone of Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run coaster. With all this love Disney is showing for TRON, hopes are increasing that a third movie could be getting closer.

We’d love to see that.

We’re also a believer in the adage — in order to move forward it is important know where you’ve been. A new blog from across the pond takes an in depth look at how the opening scene from TRON Legacy fixes one of the big problems with the original TRON from 1982, it’s ambiguous ending.

“The film did a real good job in the writing department for the themes of free will, freedom vs control, what kind of company will you be: corrupt and power hungry or caring for what you create and others. The thing is it’s not really resolved at all. The MCU is destroyed but we never learn what happens to the system other than it being ‘free’, Flynn was friends with and helped the programs he knew but mainly just wanted out. We never learn what he feels about the system as he seems to realise what’s going on while we was enslaved in the games and acclimatized to everything pretty well. The system is basically forgotten as we see what Flynn personally gained, rather than learned.”

So what does TRON Legacy do to correct that? First, it establishes the Grid as a thing that is a system parallel to our own human world.

“let’s talk about the intro, the digital city unfolding until it forms the physical world looks so stunning. It immediately gets you into the Aesthetic of the digital world, with it’s bright blues, we see buildings and roads from from the circuits, cars begin to form, then the streetlights as we see the real world in full view. It’s a perfect way of symbolising how the Grid and humanity are both systems in a way. As well as reminding us that the world of the grid is much like ours.”

I’m always excited to see new TRON theories and analysis. I think there’s a lot more to be said about our world and the lens of TRON is a great way to examine it. I want to see the world of TRON fans grow until Disney is ready to greenlight more stories from the world of TRON.

The blog is called British Tyrannosaur. It’s new, having just started this month, but already there’s some great pop culture insight there.

Read the entire blog post here and then let us know if you’re more excited for a third movie.