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Captain Marvel continues her box office dominance in 2nd weekend

The Disney/Marvel Super hero flick “Captain Marvel” is wrapping up the winter box office on a winning note. In it’s second weekend of release, the Brie Larson led film beat out all competition to go higher, faster, further. “Captain Marvel” earned a strong $69.3 million on its second weekend, just a 55% drop while still beating the three new entries — “Wonder Park,” “Captive State,” and “Five Feet Apart.” That brings its domestic total to $266.2M.

Internationally, “Captain Marvel” continued to dominate the 54 markets it has been released in grossing an additional $119M. The total international box office is now approaching a major milestone at $494M. With Japan opening this weekend all the major worldwide markets are now open.

Add that all together and “Captain Marvel” has now soared passed $760.2M. That places the movie 27th on the list of all super hero films, and 10th for Super Hero origin stories. It’s already 9th on the list of movies with a leading action heroine.

Most importantly the first female title character led Marvel movie already ranks 13th for domestic box office and 11th in the worldwide box office for all movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The next super hero film is DC’s “Shazam!” on April 5th. That means there’s still plenty of time for “Captain Marvel” to fill up the cinema with fans. We’ll see how it does against the horror film “Us” next weekend first.

Have you seen Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” yet?