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Topher Grace co-edited the ultimate 5-minute Star Wars trailer for fans and newbies

If you ran into someone who, remarkably enough, had never watched a single Star Wars movie, read a comic book or novel, or rode Star Tours at a Disney theme park, how would you introduce them to the mythology? Actor Topher Grace, who happens to be a Star Wars super fan, has pieced together a 5-minute trailer that attempts to do just that.

Using clips from the films, TV shows, and even some cut footage, Grace and co-editor Jeff Yorkes have put together something wonderful. Watch the trailer here:

If you already loved Star Wars, as I do, I hope you feel an even stronger connection to the Skywalker era explored in the movies to date. If you’re new to the franchise, this trailer will do an excellent job giving you the basic knowledge you need to know.

I’m sad to have the Skywalker trilogy coming to an end with episode IX, but I’m also aware of all the other stories out there that exist untold in the Star Wars galaxy. Putting an exclamation point on this before Disney and Lucasfilm move on to other eras and stories just feels right.

What do you think of the “Star Wars: Always” super-fan trailer?