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Will Universal Orlando force Disney World to build a new park?

There’s lots of talk about adding a fifth gate to Walt Disney World and it almost always revolves around a Villains park, or Heroes vs Villains. I have another idea that I think would allow Disney to please its fans, grow its audience, and allow for expansion opportunity in the future. Even better, it might help Disney beat Universal at it’s own game again.

Fantastic Worlds!

Yes, I know that’s the rumored name of the theme park Universal is building just down the street from its two existing parks. But this wouldn’t be the first time Disney rushed to build a theme park ahead of Universal Studios with a very similar theme. I’m looking at you Disney-MGM Studios.

For our purposes lets call it Disney Worlds of Wonder.

Worlds of Wonder (WoW is like the best acronym ever for the theme park, right?) would take guests to the far-flung other-worldly destinations from the minds of Disney’s top creative talent.

It would open with lands featuring new worlds from Star Wars, Monstropolis, Pixar’s Cars, ToonTown, and Wakanda).

  • With Pixar’s Cars Disney could just recreate Radiator Springs (but with more air-conditioning since this is Florida after all) on a slightly larger scale.
  • Monstropolis could have a roller coaster themed to the great Door chase scene in Monsters, Inc and at least one other kid-friendly attraction.
  • ToonTown would feature a new take on a world where Disney and Pixar’s toon characters live, work and play. Obviously very kid friendly with a mini-coaster and an updated trackless Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin.
  • It would be great to have Disney attempt to build the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda where Black Panther reigns and super heroes come to visit. This would be a great opportunity for huge attraction that takes you through the adventures of Black Panther and a chance for Disney’s Imagineers to showcase their latest technology.
  • Star Wars is a big enough franchise that it can and should be in more than one park. The attractions here would honor the classic characters and trilogy while still making the guest a part of the Star Wars Galaxy. There’s a perfect opportunity to visit an ice planet like Hoth, perfect for relief from a hot Florida afternoon.

While we may quibble about the initial attraction line up, it’s fun to dream about the potential for a fifth gate at Walt Disney World. So far Disney has declined to do more than just toy with the idea of a fifth gate, hinting they’re worried that attendance at one or more of its other parks would suffer as opposed to guests adding an extra night to their vacation. But Universal Orlando Resort’s decision to open a third park, and try to steal a night or two from a family’s Disney vacation bank, might just give Disney World the ammo it needs to take the idea for a fifth gate to the Board of Directors and beat Universal at their own game again.

The theme park wars could be back on again! What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Will Universal Orlando force Disney World to build a new park?”

  1. Disney’s push to increase crowds at the park year round have made it so that I don’t want to go into the parks anymore… and that’s from a Canadian who has gone at least 30 times so far in my lifetime. With what they charge and the fast pass algorithm making sure you only get a couple of the great rides, a few so-so’s, and a couple no good ones it doesn’t give enough value anymore. I’m hearing some of the new rides had six hour standbys this past peak season. A fifth gate to thin the crowds would be a great thing.

  2. Worlds of Wonder is a great name but I think that someone still owns that name as it was the name of the company that build Teddy Ruxpin back in the day.

  3. This would be so ? Disney should build a 5th park. It should show us what new ride technology exists. Rides like Everest, Tower of Terror, Dinosaur, etc.

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