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Finally an answer to why Jay Leno is thanked in Mary Poppins Returns credits

As is our habit with Disney films, we like to stick around through the end credits, you never know who or what you might see. On Mary Poppins Returns we were left pondering why Jay Leno was among those thanked by the film’s creators. This week Lin-Maneul Miranda, who plays the Lamplighter Jack in the film, finally revealed why Leno’s name was on the list.

After an episode of the podcast How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner explored the topic of the mystery credit, Miranda responded with a tweet. According to Miranda Leno’s contribution to the movie is associated with his collection of cars.

The film’s producers needed a specific car sound from the 1930’s that could not be replicated by sound effect artists.

“Apparently there is a car sound effect from the 1930’s that they could not replicate, and someone realized Jay Leno had the car they needed,” Miranda posted in a Tweet. “To record the sound effect. There is your answer and hello.”

Longtime fans of Jay Leno, or just someone who caught his show “Jay Leno’s Garage,” know he has a love of rare automobiles and a vast collection. It turns out many of these are from the early decades of motor vehicles, including the 1930s.

You can see some of the vehicles in this 2016 tour Leno gave CNN of his car collection:

Now if we can only find out exactly which car sound was recreated? The mystery continues.