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Three new Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ear bands

The Minnie Mouse Ear Band has been a part of the Walt Disney World product mix for many years. It started as a way for brides to show their Disney Spirit and them evolved into what was the Rose Gold ears craze of 2018. Part of that craze was built on scarcity, but Disney’s merchandise team has also done a better job of staying ahead of wider fashion trends lately.

2019 finds three new sets of ears that are making a splash of their own.

The Purple Potion headband (above) are a pair of glittery Minnie Mouse-inspired ears. It’s a bright, but popular shade that Disney hopes will be the next Rose Gold or Millennial Pink. I think they may be on to something as it is a striking color.

Pixar Up House Minnie Mouse Ears were also flying off the shelves. From the balloon bow fixed with the grape soda bottle cap to the Up House soaring through a lightly cloudy sky, wearing these ears with give you a mental lift on your Disney vacation.

Gold Mickey Ears were very popular back during Disneyland’s Golden 50th anniversary. Now they’re making a comeback for the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. These come with a cute removable bow that can be clipped on and worn as bow tie.

Prices range from $28 to $39. But these are souvenirs that you can wear and keep as memories of your magical Disney vacation. Plus they look great on social media, right?

Of course, if you prefer the classic Mickey Mouse club ears hat, the World of Disney has those too. These special Mickey Mouse Club edition ears come with a special lining honoring the history of the big cheese himself – Mickey Mouse.

Some of these may be available on the Disney Parks section of the shopDisney online store.

Are you a fan of classic Mickey Mouse Ears or do you prefer the new headband style?