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Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks Dec. 31 from the Magic Kingdom

Can’t make it to the theme parks New Year’s Eve fireworks on the last night of 2018? You can ring in the new year from at home with a Disney Parks hosted live stream of the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. The very special fireworks show will start at 11:45 pm EDT on December 31 complete with a special countdown at 11:59:50 and continuing on for another 5 minutes to commence 2019.

You can return to this blog and watch here, or use YouTube’s notification feature to get a reminder:

For the show Disney is bringing back their famous “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks that includes songs from some of the most beloved Disney films, including “Peter Pan,” “Pinocchio” and “Aladdin,” plus music from “it’s a small world” and the Haunted Mansion. Make sure to stick around for the special New Year’s Eve finale.