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Mary Poppins Returns swallowed by box office’s big fish

12/29 UpdateMary Poppins Returns box office results looking up


Original post 12/25 –

All the oxygen was sucked out of the box office by Aquaman, but Mary Poppins Returns still managed to rake in $23.5 million. That brings its total domestic gross to around $38.4 million for the first six days in theaters.

Overseas Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns has already pulled in more than $25 million through the weekend. Making for around $58 million total gross.

I think it’s safe to say that this is a bit of a disappointment for the sequel to Disney’s classic movie Mary Poppins. Industry estimates were at around $50 million for the five day period.

If there’s some good news for Disney, Returns is not losing much business day over day. That means word of mouth is good. According to exit surveys the movie has some strong nostalgia going for it with higher scores coming from adults than children.

Opening a movie at Christmas is a tough proposition. One wonders what the box office results would have been if Mary Poppins Returns opened in the spring and Solo: A Star Wars Story took the traditional December opening for Star Wars movies.

Have you made it out to the cinema to see Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns? If so, have your told your friends and family to go see it too? Now might be a good time to help make sure the magical nanny ‘has legs’ as they say in the biz.

We’ll update this story when post Christmas box office resultls are in.

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