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Gingerbread House Carousel at Beach Club impresses with its beauty and scale

Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel

Donald and Daisy Duck theme on the gingerbread house carousel located in the lobby of the Beach Club resort at Walt Disney World. This is the 19th year a gingerbread carousel has made its home in the hotel’s lobby.

It has four beautifully detailed horses on the rotating gingerbread carousel and one is located on the floor amid the floral display.

Over 19 hidden Mickey’s and lots of great Disney references can be spotted if you spend a few minutes to see what’s going on.

There’s a lot of work involved in creating a Christmas decoration masterpiece like this. The Yacht & Beach Bakery and Engineering Teams worked together for the massive construction project. Ingredients include:

36 pounds of honey
96 pounds of bread flower
100 pints of eggs
10 pounds of spices
10 quarts of simple syrup
150 pounds of icing
50 pounds of dark chocolate
50 pounds of modeling chocolate
200 gum paste flowers

There are 2,019 pieces of gingerbread in total.

If seeing this gingerbread house creation has left you hungry, the resort is selling special holiday goodies inside the Beach Club Marketplace.

Congratulations to the Beach Club for creating an amazing display this year! Do you have a favorite horse on the carousel?