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New Cinderella, Rey, and BB-8 LEGO brick art in Disney Springs

LEGO Disney Sculpture

The LEGO Store at Disney Springs has installed two new LEGO statues featuring two of Disney’s most iconic female characters. In one enclosure you’ll find a large LEGO brick statue of Cinderella and in the other Star Wars heroine Rey and the rolling droid BB-8.

These spots were previously filled by Snow White themed LEGO brick sculptures and, unfortunately, the harsh Central Florida weather had faded them severely. These new statues look fresh and bright. During our visit, many guests stopped by for photos in front of them.

That is some serious LEGO art. I wonder how many LEGO bricks are in each sculpture? How much do you think it would cost to build just the BB-8 droid?

More photos:

Back in October these sites had cute ‘under construction’ signs up.

Is a visit to the LEGO store a must-do on your trip to Disney Springs?

2 thoughts on “New Cinderella, Rey, and BB-8 LEGO brick art in Disney Springs”

  1. Of course, they’re probably solid to keep their stability throughout harsh weather, but I’ve always wondered if they’re made solid or hollow. Are the pieces in the middle whole uncut sheets of bricks or are they made entirely with the standard bricks?

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