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Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort reopens after refurbishment

The Polynesian Village Resort’s popular Tambu Lounge has finally reopened after it’s delayed refurbishment. We stopped by this weekend to check out the changes were revealed. Of course, there was an air of Christmas around as the entire resort was decorated for the holidays.

The refurbishment turns out to have been pretty light. There are some subtle additions to the decor lending a more modern feel to the bar and a bunch of improvements to improve workflow for the cast members stationed there.

One of the modernization are a few charging plugs along the bar seating area. Now you can charge your phone while enjoying your Lapu Lapu.

The location still boats a definite tiki vibe from the thatched roof to the giant tiki sculptures who welcome you to the location.

In addition to great drinks like the Lapu Lapu and the Backscratcher, the lounge offers appetizers if you want a quick bite or are waiting for a seat at any of the nearby restaurants.

Tambu Lounge is located on the second floor just outside Ohana in the Great Ceremonial House. It remains one of our favorite places to enjoy a drink and a view while at Walt Disney World.

If a trip to Tambu Lounge is on your regular stops at Walt Disney World, let us know in the comments below!