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Update: First look at Disney Skyliner Gondola car

Our first look at the new Disney Skyliner car was revealed by Disney Parks Chair Bob Chapek and Mickey Mouse. Like this car, many of the cars will be decorated with Disney characters or other cute images. With the final tower now erected and the first cables strung across the system, we can now see the size and accommodations that will be provided by the aerial tramway cars.

Inside are two wooden benches that look like they seat about four on each side. As was rumored, there is no machine for air conditioning. Just a windows and other ventilation that will provide nature’s air-conditioning.

Update: Disney has now confirmed the lack of A/C. A Disney spokesperson said the gondolas were “tailored to provide a comfortable ride for our guests in the Florida climate.” She also stated each gondola will feature reflective windows to block out sun.

On similar Doppelmayr gondola cars, the benches fold up to accommodate ECVs or uncollapseable strollers. It’s not yet known if Disney’s versions will do the same or if alternate transportation will be provided.

Update: Disney confirms that wheelchairs will be accommodated by fold up seats.

As previously reported, the Disney Skyliner is expected to open in Fall 2019.

3 thoughts on “Update: First look at Disney Skyliner Gondola car”

  1. Now, if Disney would only address the question as to whether the Skyliner will be able to operate in all weather conditions — winds, lightning, heavy rain, etc. My guess is that it will not operate in those conditions. Adding to the fact that there will be guests who will not ride on this because of their fear of heights, there will probably continue to be bus service from each of the Skyliner resorts to Epcot and DHS at all times.

  2. Okay…I am older than most of you and rode the Sky Ride at DisneyWorld many years ago. It was unsafe in wind, etc and dismantled because they said too problematic with shut downs and repairs, etc. so why this? What makes this any less problematic than the Sky Ride of years ago? People used to sometimes get stuck up there! No thanks….not me this time.

    1. I’m confident the technology has greatly improved.
      And I for one won’t panic at all if I get stuck up there for awhile.
      Let the fearful continue to ride buses.

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