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Job Posting reveals new details for Cirque Du Soleil show at Disney Springs

When La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil closed its Disney Springs show at the end of last year we were told that the famous circus arts company was already working with Walt Disney Imagineering on a concept for a new show that would feature Disney characters and stories. Thanks to a new job posting, we finally have a few more details.

The job posting is for someone who looks like a 12-year-old girl (they could be older as long as they can pass for small and young on stage). The character is described as “sensitive on the inside, yet fearless on the outside.”

Cirque Du Soleil

The listing also calls for a commitment to be available for work beginning November 2019. That is likely when full rehearsals will start for the show with a Christmas time 2019 grand opening very likely.

Which animated Disney stories do you think would make for a great Cirque Du Soleil show?

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2 thoughts on “Job Posting reveals new details for Cirque Du Soleil show at Disney Springs”

  1. Wow, the possibilities are endless, but I’d hope they’d reach back to the classics rather than the newer Disney movies.
    Imagine what Cirque du Soliel could do with Fantasia? So many elements in that one movie alone to fill 3 Cirque events.
    Or maybe some of the classic shorts, or Robin Hood, and Alice in Wonderland. What about something with Henson’s Dark Crystal and the Black Cauldron?
    There is so much in the Disney catalog to draw inspiration from, and Cirque does tend to be a bit edgy. Hopefully they can maintain that edge and still honor the magic of Disney.

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