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Salt & Straw now serving unique ice cream flavors at Downtown Disney in Disneyland

Guests at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort now have a new place to get a scoop of ice cream at Salt & Straw. Since all the ice cream is made in small batches with local, organic and sustainable ingredients, you know it’s not just good to eat, but good for the planet too.

The Portland, Oregon based family-run ice cream company makes flavors that seem out of the ordinary but turn out to be extra-ordinarily tasty. Popular flavors include: Chocolate Gooey Browner, Honey Lavender, and Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. There are a selection of Vegan and Gluten-free ice ‘creams’ as well. Seasonal flavors currently include: The Great Candycopia, Creepy Crawly Critters and, Mummy’s Pumpkin Spiked Potion (v).


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One of the things Salt & Straw shares with the ideas behind Disneyland, is to use design narrative to tell guests about their products. The Downtown Disney’s shop’s design features an abstract totem pole display of stacked scoops and cones, handmade sculpted lighting fixtures and red-and-white-striped exterior panels to evoke the feeling of a modern-day mercantile.

They also place an emphasis on customer service and have experts on hand to help you on a tasting journey before you decide on your final flavors. Once you’ve decided you can pick a handmade waffle cone, a bowl, or pick up a pint to bring home or back to your hotel room (sure to be a popular option).


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The location opened earlier this week with a small dedication ceremony.

Salt & Straw was one of our favorite places to visit on our last trip to Portland, Or. We can’t wait to get a scoop or two on our next trip to Disneyland. How about you?

Photos courtesy: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland (bottom) and Jakob Layman/Salt & Straw