If you thought your Disney doll collection was complete, think again. During October and November 2018, Disney will be releasing five limited edition dolls from its Disney Designer Collection: Premiere Series.

“Inspired by the runways and red carpets during each beloved Disney heroine’s theatrical debut, each doll’s iconic fashion and accessories are carefully designed to capture a moment in fashion history.”

I was one of the 4100 lucky wannabe princesses to receive Snow White yesterday as an early birthday present. Walt’s first-full-length-animated-feature-film heroine hit stores on Saturday, October 6, in her elegant form-fitting silk dress, complimented by a fur shawl. Snow’s evening gown perfectly captures the glitz and glamor of the 1930s.

She is accompanied by two posters that capture a moment in time – the film’s release on December 21, 1937. My favorite part might be the replica movie tickets that are included in the (very large, very impressive) box. These fun additions are included with every released princess relative to their premiere release dates.

The remaining princesses will be released in the following order:

  • Cinderella (1950): Cinderelly will take a break from scrubbing floors when she hits stores on Saturday, October 13. True to 1950s fashion, her attire features rich fabrics in her long, floor-length ballgown with matching shawl. There are 4,400 Cinderella dolls available for purchase.
  • Jasmine (1992): Jasmine soars into stores on Saturday, October 20. She doesn’t need a genie in a lamp to look this good. Jasmine is striking in her colorful dazzler of a gown. There are 4,000 Jasmine dolls available for purchase.
  • Ariel (1989): Ariel swims to the store-surface on Saturday, October 27. Looking very chic, Jasmine sports a purple, ruffle-y number complete with seashell purse. There are 4,500 Ariel dolls available for purchase.
  • Tiana (2009): Donning an eclectic, cocktail-length piece and fabulous hair, Tiana cooks up a fashion storm with her release on Saturday, November 3. There are 4,000 Tiana dolls available for purchase.
  • Belle (1991): Belle is the last princess from this series to grace stores with her presence on Saturday, November 11. Now it’s no wonder that her name means “Beauty”, her looks have got no parallel in this pretty, warm-toned evening gown. There are 4,500 Belle dolls available for purchase.

You will have to be quick to snatch up the remaining dolls. They will be released each Saturday at 12:00 AM (Pacific Time) online at shopdisney.com and in select stores through a lottery. See your local store for lottery details. Happy shopping!


Jess is an Aussie, an attorney and a die-hard Disney fan. She grew up in a city not too far from P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney; and she still enjoys running around in Snow White pajamas and serenading her family members with Sleeping Beauty’s “Once Upon A Dream” (though, unlike Princess Aurora, she is not blessed with the gift of song). She recently became an Honorary Princess of the Magic Kingdom after her Flynn-Rider lookalike fiancé proposed at Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner at the Grand Floridian Resort. Jess is an Elvis-lover like Lilo, and is otherwise singing along to her Frozen, Moana and Coco soundtracks (anyone listening will wish Ursula would pay her a voice-taking visit). When she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book, Jess delights in writing for The Disney Blog and sharing with fellow fans all things Disney.