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Rafiki’s Planet Watch will close seasonally

Things move fast in the world of Walt Disney World rumors. Last week word came down that Rafiki’s Planet Watch would close late October, early money had it as a permanent closure to make way for new construction, but by later in the week, it was more likely to be just a seasonal closure. Now we have confirmation from Walt Disney World that Rafiki’s Planet Watch will be back.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch started as the Conservation Station. It focuses on animal care, environmental protection, and conservation of protected species. The only way for guests to reach the area is via a ride on the Wildlife Express train. Which does limit the number of guests who attend every day, but I think that’s by design.

It’s one of the few rare areas where guests are allowed to peek backstage and see what’s going on. Sure it’s about animal care, but that’s the soul of Animal Kingdom, so it makes sense. Work in those backstage areas will continue even if guests aren’t walking by on the other side of the glass.

As usual, there are no firm details from Walt Disney World on when it might be coming back from the seasonal closure. All we know right now is sometime next year.

For now, no need to plan a rush trip for one last visit to Rafiki’s Planet Watch before it glows away forever.