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Norway Pavilion’s Kringla Bakeri og Kafe reopens after remodel

If you’ve been dreaming of Lefse, School Bread, or Rice Cream, then we have good news — Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion is reopened after a refurbishment. It took a few painful months for the update to be guest ready, but the results of the work were worth waiting for, we think you’ll agree.

The location has vastly expanded its interior by taking over some space from the retail shop next door. The interior space for guests to queue and order is more than twice as large as before. The old way meant the queue often backed up to the door, the new interior queue means there’s plenty of space for guests to enter and move into the space, so that awkward bump at the door should be over.

There’s a nice digital menu, handy trays to carry your food, a grab-n-go cooler, and all the same great treats you were used to before.

There’s also additional space in the kitchen area meaning it will be easier for cast members to service guests and keep the food flowing.

We love some of the little touches that have been made to keep the “at home” feeling in the bakery. There’s a enough Scandinavian charm that things feel cozy and warm, but not so much it takes up a lot of guest space.

The exterior of the shop, both the sign in the front and the outside dining area out back haven’t really changed.

There were a lot of the usual choices for food, along with a few new ones, we ended up ordering the Cinnamon Pretzel, which is the only vegan-friendly item on the menu. It’s served warm, which was perfect even on a warm summer’s evening such as when we visited.

Are you a fan of the Norwegian treats at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe? What is your favorite item to order?