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A Star Wars Cantina to serve adult beverages in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The Star Wars outpost of Black Spire is a smuggler’s paradise. Of course no self-respecting smuggler would visit a town without a cantina. For Black Spire Outpost that will be Oga’s Cantina, which will serve pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers, locals and galactic travelers alike, when it opens in 2019.

Judging from some maps previously distributed at Star Wars fan events, it looks like the cantina is the building on the left in this concept art of Black Spire Outpost:

Imagineer Scott Trowbridge filled in fans with more details for this new establishment coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019 (Disneyland’s opens first).

Hosted by the alien proprietor, Oga Garra, the cantina will serve a mixture of drinks with choices for kids and adults. Expect some of these otherworldly concoctions to have exotic ingredients prepared with unique methods and served in unique vessels.

The cantina will feature music from a galaxy far, far away courtesy of RX-24, a former StarSpeeder 3000 pilot droid that will seem familiar to Star Tours fans. He’s found a new job as the cantina’s DJ. RX-24 will still be as quirky and talkative as ever, which sounds like a good mix for a cantina.

Visitors to Oga’s Cantina might encounter some of the galaxy’s more interesting and disreputable characters. From First Order Stormtroopers, aliens, and droids, to more familiar Star Wars characters, you never know who will show up.

The announcement of Oga’s Cantina means that at some point in 2019, Disneyland will no longer be a dry park. Until then, you’ve had to get an invite into the ‘secret’ exclusive Club 33 to get an adult beverage. Now, you’ll just need a dining reservation on the planet Batuu.

More more Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge details, enjoy this talk from Disney’s Imagineers assigned to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge project from May:

I hope Disney’s Imagineers don’t pull a Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto here. They massively under-estimated the demand for the space and the wait time can grow to be hours to get in. But I do like the idea that there might be some interactivity, various show elements, and the opportunity to buy the unique vessels your drinks are served in.

What do you think about Oga’s Cantina? Does it sound like more Star Wars fun to you?

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  1. This does sound like Star Wars fun! It looks like it’ll be an amazingly immersive experience, which is exactly the kind of thing Disney does best. Having had alcohol at Disneyland before (in Club 33) and, of course, at every other Disney park, I really have no problem with this addition.

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