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Watch the Sun Rise from inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Earlier this morning, Walt Disney World shared one of the most magical moments you can experience at the resort — sunrise from within the parks. A video from this morning inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom was just uploaded for us to share and enjoy. Take a moment, or two, and soak in this unique opportunity to see the park transform from night to day.

Few get to enjoy this from inside the parks, but you can now enjoy it from your home. How cool is that?

We loved the seeing the fog rolling around the base of the Tree of Life. And there are a ton of fantastic vistas inside the park, perfect for enjoying the sunrise. We’re definitely inspired to take on the day now. How about you?

The one thing you don’t get from this video is the sound of all the animals waking up. Sometimes you can even hear the Siamang Gibbons Monkey’s howling from the parking lot.

If you’ve ever had an extra magical encounter at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, share your experience with us in the comments below.