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Disneyland’s fried chicken is worth celebrating, good thing there’s a holiday now

We here at The Disney Blog have been known to enjoy feasting on the all-American specialty of fried chicken from time to time. One of our favorite places to chow down is the iconic Plaza Inn at Disneyland. There’s something about sitting on main street enjoying a perfectly prepared meal that brings us back again and again. Guests at the Disneyland Resort can also find a classic take on fried chicken at Flo’s V8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure. The reviews tell us we’re not at alone either.

Turns out there’s a National Fried Chicken Day coming up on July 6 and Disneyland will be serve up delicious fried poultry with a new 3-day Fried Chicken Celebration taking place July 6-8.

Update: Here’s a new video from Disneyland with the secrets to great fried chicken from Disney’s own chefs:

The Plaza Inn started out its life as the Red Wagon Inn and was Walt Disney’s favorite place to dine with his guests in the park. Walt’s wife Lillian handpicked many of the restaurant’s furnishings, most authentic 19th-century pieces, to create the lavish Victorian setting. The fried chicken here comes with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a buttermilk biscuit.

The magic of Plaza Inn’s signature chicken plate is that the chicken is fried in a pressure cooker to lock in the flavor. Chef Jonny Hall, culinary director at Disneyland, explains “our sweet and savory brined chicken is lightly coated in a secret flour blend of garlic and spices, then fried under pressure to create a delicate and magical crunch. This simple approach known as ‘broasting’ results in a distinct deep golden brown color and crispy exterior, and an unbelievably juicy interior.”

The celebration of fried chicken continues over at Flo’s V8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure. Inspired by the iconic diners or America’s Route 66 and lifted directly from Pixar’s Cars movie franchise, the focus is on food served up with a generous helping of nostalgia. Flo’s Famous Fried Chicken is served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables.

Chef John State, culinary director at Disney California Adventure, states “our [Flo’s V8 Cafe] chicken sings of toasted flour and notes of a rich egg batter scented with prominent ground black pepper spice. While the exact science to this recipe is a secret that’s only known to Flo, we use a traditional basket fryer, ensuring there is a pronounced crunch with every bite and the meat is filled with sweet-salty juices.”

We don’t want to make you choose, but which location will you visit first for National Fried Chicken Day? Plaza Inn or Flo’s V8 Cafe? Check back with the hashtag #FriedChickenCelebration and share your love of our favorite fried poultry dishes.