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Two more attractions will join Pixar Pier in 2019

Pixar Pier opened at Disney California Adventure over the weekend with four new ‘neighborhoods’ to explore – Incredibles Park, Toy Story Boardwalk, Pixar Promenade, and Inside Out Headquarters. But not all attractions were ready for guests. In 2019 the park will open Jessie’s Critter Carousel and the newly named Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.

The new attraction for Inside Out Headquarters looks very familiar to guests who love the ‘A Bug’s Land’ attraction Flik’s Flyers. There’s wide speculation that it is the same ride re-themed and moved after ‘A Bug’s Land’ closes later this year. Judging by the concept art, the whimsical family-friendly themed attraction inspired by Pixar’s “Inside Out” will be full of emotions and quite colorful. Check out the new concept art above.

Jessie’s Critter Carousel is inspired by Jessie’s wilderness friends from the Woody’s Roundup TV show envisioned in Pixar’s “Toy Story 2” movie. This remakes the original King Triton’s Carousel keeping an important part of a seaside pier feel to the land.

It’s good that DCA is keeping a good mix of family-friendly attractions after “A Bug’s Land” closes, but this won’t replace all the lost attractions there. Do you think Disney needs to add more attractions suitable for all ages to the park?

3 thoughts on “Two more attractions will join Pixar Pier in 2019”

  1. Bugs Life land was great for little kids. They need rides to replace those lost. And what of It’s Tough to Be a Bug? What is going into that space? I loved that attraction when I first experienced it at Animal Kingdom.

  2. It’s great that not all the rides are E-ticket rides with height restrictions. I’m hoping to go soon for the re-themed Incredicoaster as I LOVED California Screamin’.

  3. While I’m glad the carousel is reopening, I wish they’d put something more imaginative and original in there in place of Flik’s Flyers. It’s a low-capacity attraction with very limited appeal, no matter what the theming is. You can have rides that little kids enjoy that adults can also enjoy. Flik’s Flyers isn’t it. This is just Disney being as cheap as possible.

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