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Location of Star Wars themed resort at Walt Disney World confirmed

The prospects of a new Star Wars themed Disney resort that would totally immerse guests in the Star Wars galaxy was one of the most tantalizing announcements of the D23 Expo. Since then we’ve seen a lot of concept art and learned that the resort would be seamlessly integrated into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but the exact location of the resort was never confirmed.

As as been heavily speculated, the resort will be on the south side of DHS, adjacent to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, just east of World Drive. Right now, the access to the DHS parking lot from World Drive runs through the middle of this area, but that road will close and will shift to access via Osceola Parkway at Victory Way.

The resort is expected to open with just 400 rooms, but to leave plenty of room for expansion if the concept has sufficient demand (something they should know shortly after reservations are opened, I would think). The location makes good sense if leaving room for expansion is one of the considerations.

Guests who book a Star Wars immersive resort stay will board a starship that is alive with characters and stories from the Star Wars galaxy. Guests will be able to engage and interact with the stories, the ship, and Galaxy’s Edge and tell their own Star Wars stories. Every cabin will have a window with a view of space and the planet Batuu below. Guests will be encouraged to participate as a resident by dressing in Star Wars-inspired attive and embarking on a multi-day adventure…. All this can be yours for a low, low price of…. who are we kidding. We’re sure this will be pricey, but probably very worth it if you’re a big Star Wars fans

Does a totally immersive Star Wars hotel that’s seamlessly integrated into the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land intrigue you?

1 thought on “Location of Star Wars themed resort at Walt Disney World confirmed”

  1. I’m really, really, really hoping there’s a DVC component to this eventually. While it would be OK to just use DVC points to get a room through the Disney Concierge exchange, it would be way better to have dedicated DVC rooms. We would probably buy additional DVC points just to have points at this property.

    Regardless, we will certainly end up staying here one way or another. In addition to the amazing theming, the other huge advantage here will be the ability to walk to DHS. The best resorts are the ones within walking distance to the parks — the Contemporary, the Yacht & Beach Clubs, and the Boardwalk — so having another option just steps away from one of the parks will be fantastic.

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