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Top Chef Winner Hung Huynh joins Morimoto Asia as Chef de Cuisine

One of Disney Springs’ most innovative restaurants just elevated its culinary game again by adding a new chef de cuisine, one who has been through the crucible of Top Chef and came out on top. Morimoto Asia’s Executive Chef Yuhi Fujinaga has officially named Chef Hung Huynh as Chef de Cuisine at Morimoto Asia. You may remember Chef Hung as winner of the third season of Top Chef and as an innovative cook of many cuisines. Chef Yuhi and Chef Hung have been friends and colleagues for many years, so he was the perfect choice when looking for a new partner in the kitchen.

“Chef Hungh Huynh is someone that I’ve had the pleasure of cooking with in the past and when this opportunity presented itself, he was absolutely the person I wanted for this position, as he brings a fresh perspective and culinary approach to what we have been doing here since we opened our doors nearly three years ago,” said Fujinaga.

As chef de cuisine Huynh will be in charge of the other chefs and cooks in the kitchen. They direct the cooking process, keep an eye on the flow of food on the line, and make sure the team is functioning as an efficient unit deliverying the best possible culinary experience to the guest.

Chef Hung is a fantastic addition to the amazing chefs working in Morimoto Asia’s kitchen and to the ever-growing chef-driven food scene in Central Florida.

Photo Credit: OMG Food Photography.