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5 crazy Disney things you can buy on Amazon for under $25

Spring is right around the corner and thoughts are already turning toward less serious things like ice cream, parties, and sharing drinks with friends. We’ve done a little of the work to make this spring a wonderful Disney-inspired one by finding these five items you can buy for less than $25. (Note: The Disney Blog does get a small percentage of each purchase when you use these affiliate links.)

Disney Frozen Ice Cream Maker. Anna & Elsa want you to make and enjoy your own ice cream at home. Surprisingly the reviews for this suggest you can make some pretty decent ice cream. Don’t freeze up, this perfect kitchen appliance is going fast and it’s discounted to $19.01 right now.

Like your Mickey Mouse ice cubes in the ‘Minnie’ size? Check out this Mickey Mouse Silicon Crushed Ice Tray by Sakura. Priced at $12.91 which so low you can get two for all your Disney drinking needs.

Mickey Mouse themed birthday party supplies. Even if you’re not celebrating a birthday, you can never have too much red, yellow, and black pom poms and mickey shaped party supplies. We’ve seen these used to decorate Disney Cruise Line doors or even resort hotel rooms too. Priced at $17.99 you can have a party every week.

There’s nothing like a PEZ dispenser to immediately transport you back to your childhood days. Of course there are a variety of Disney-themed PEZ dispensers out there. Whether you like the classic Fab-Four designs, Disney Princesses, or the new Star Wars look you’ll find your favorite character represented. Each of these come in sets of 12. Keep some around the house to hand out to guests too.

Groot Chia Pet. If you’re not sure if you should bring a dog or cat home, start with a Chia pet. If you don’t kill it, try a fish or turtle, If the fish survives, you might be ready to step up. Or just stay with the Chia pet, especially since they now come as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Also makes a great gift as it can be reused over and over again and is just kitschy enough to not be cheesy.

What is your favorite Disney item at your home?