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‘Solo’ will be set very early in the Star Wars timeline

A new timeline from Lucasfilm reveals the next Star Wars movie — Solo: A Star Wars Story — will be one of the franchise’s oldest taking place before all but the prequel trilogy.

The second stand alone Star Wars movie is still set in the same timeline as all the movies so far, but it is set a lot earlier in the timeline than some fans had predicted.

A new timeline issued by Del Rey, the publisher of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars books, puts them all into chronological order along with the movies and TV shows. The latest update sets Solo before the animate series Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but after the prequel Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – aka Episode III.

When you look at the actual novels Solo is set between we get some more data points as to exactly what is going on in the universe. Set between Star Wars: Tarkin (an overlooked gem of a book, btw) and Star Wars: A New Dawn (a must-read for fans of Star Wars Rebels), that gives us a window of between 11 and 14 years for this movie to take place.

This would mean elsewhere in the universe Luke and Leia are playing and enjoying heir adoptive families around the ages of 6 to 8 years old. Let’s not think too hard about what this means about the ages of Leia and Han Solo when they first meet in Star Wars: A New Hope.

It’s also interesting to know that Darth Vader is out there somewhere doing Sith Lord things in the Star Wars galaxy. Could there be an encounter with Vader in Solo?

If you missed the official teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, watch it here:

Are you excited to see Han, Chewbacca, Lando, and the Millennium Falcon in their foundational days?